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Tersus provides the full range of asbestos management services to a range of healthcare establishments including hospitals, care homes, surgeries or clinics. Whether the facility is run by an NHS Trust, local authority or is privately owned, the need to minimise risk and disruption to normal services remains the same.

The nature of the work of the healthcare sector poses a particular set of challenges when it comes to asbestos management and the sector requires special consideration and demands very careful planning.

We work with NHS and private healthcare providers across the UK to protect their people, patients and facilities from the dangers of asbestos. Our services have been developed in line with the sensitivities of the healthcare environment.

Our experience has taught us the value of developing and maintaining good communications with the Health Facility Estates Team, staff and visitors and planning the sequence of works around the activities taking place in the hospital/practice. Segregation and sequencing of works (typically involving out-of-hours working) enables the organisations to remain fully live throughout – a major consideration when working in healthcare environments.

We deliver awareness training for teams responsible for facilities, provide consultation services and project management expertise. We often work with healthcare clients and their estates project team at the planning stage of building projects to ensure any risks relating to asbestos are properly considered and managed.

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